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Many people wonder about my love life and have assumptions. It's time to set the record straight, and in so doing, move into the most important but least understood subject in the world, Love. This subject is so important, it will be the focus of my work from this moment forward, not food. Actually, love is a form of food. It is the most healing medicine there is. And it will change your life more than anything else.

Despite what some think, -at age 51, I have been with fewer women than I have fingers on my hands.

This video came about for several reasons. First and foremost, not a moment in my life goes by where I do not feel deep gratitude for the women in my life, and the profound effect they have on me. This is my heartfelt thank you. I still love them all like the day we met. This confuses some people because they do not fully understand the true meaning of love. Just because I am living physically with someone, does not mean I stop loving anyone else. In fact, I love and appreciate all living things everywhere. I do not "leave" someone for someone else. I let them decide when they feel their work is done and its time to move on. I am very exclusive, reclusive and intensely passionately dedicated to one person when I am with them. Nothing else exists. They are my world and I am theirs. Romance is my life. It is my breath. It's how I see things and do things. The music in my heart fuels everything I do.

I do not listen to the news, I couldn't care less about sports or hanging out with "the guys". My life is my woman. I want to inhale, taste, embrace and melt with her every second of every day like there is no tomorrow. She is my food, my air and my inspiration. Beginning immediately, I will be revealing more and more how magical a relationship can really be- and how to get there yourself. First, I want to set the record straight about me. I do not play around with multiple women sexually. I don't need to. It just happens that most of my friends are women and we are all great friends. I just get along better with women. They appreciate the finer, more delicate things in life. They don't need to prove themselves by driving big loud pickup trucks, killing animals and going to war. No. Women love beauty. They love dancing. They love LOVE. But they are delicate and trusting and this is why they are taken advantage of so much. I am here to change that. And the biggest step to changing things, is improving relationships and our choices of who we end up with. At the very least, change the way we look at each other.

One woman made a comment that loving your partner is great, but it doesn't compare to the love one feels when having a child, and that the child becomes your life. Yes of course, children are magical, but I am still saddened when I hear things like this because the love between man and woman should become stronger, not weaker. In fact, this subject is so important, it is addressed in my new book "Instructions for a New Life", coming out in 3 weeks. The first lesson we must learn, is nobody is more important than anyone else. All living things are sacred and magical. We do not exist simply to be a support system for children. We are here to fully experience life. My parents showed me what was possible. They loved each other as much as they loved me. No one was more special or important than anyone else. I was treated as an equal to them, and this made all the difference in the world. We were a trinity, not two adults slaving for a child. Love was equal all around. LOVE BETWEEN MAN AND WOMAN SHOULD NEVER DIMINISH! A woman should not ever have to sacrifice any part of herself to support her man or child. The love affair should continue for the rest of your life. I have seen TOO MANY relationships become strained because of children. The man and wife no longer look at each other longingly. Suddenly, it's all about the child and they are never the same again. No it's not about the child. It's about LOVE. Period. I hate to say this, but many people are with the wrong person and think that having a child will make everything ok. It doesn't. In fact, it makes things worse. The issue is not about children. The issue is that women need to be recognized for the magical powers they have and be honored for their service to humanity. Otherwise- what are we teaching our children? Sure we love our kids, but when they see mom and dad falling apart, that's not a great role model for them to follow. Stress kills. Love heals. Many people feel caught in a trap and see no way out, especially when they have children. There is ALWAYS a way out. I am not saying to split up and leave the person you are with- I am saying what people need to change is the way they are looking at things. And that is exactly why I wrote my new book, -to set people free from the prisons they have created in their lives. It is the most important book I have ever written.

Bottom line- we cannot live life fully without deep unconditional true love. If your lover becomes just your "partner", and you don't feel the same magic with your lover as you do your child, then I seriously suggest you read this new book. If you are truly made for each other- you do NOT get tired of each other as the years go by. You do NOT lose interest, get bored, have less sex and romance. In fact, it gets DEEPER, more intense and magical with time. You are either going in one direction or the other. Is there a slow leak and the boat is slowly sinking, - or is your battery getting CHARGED every time you are together? Are you so excited being together that you look at life like two kids running around at DisneyWorld, wondering which ride to go on next?

I love you all, and I want you to experience life fully before you die. You are not here to slave in the shadow of someone else. Whoever you are with should EMPOWER you with an electric charge that sparks your life so every breath, touch, thought and moment is a celebration. If you don't have that, stick around. I am about to show you a way of living that will set you free in ways you never knew were possible.

Watch the video- especially the second half !!!



I bought your WildForce Green formula for my car accident injuries and healed in 3 weeks from soft tissue pain. I just got your protein formula and plan on getting other stuff you make. This car accident is expanding my energy and has made me want to create a place of real healing somewhere with all the best wisdom and practices like in the movie Sacred Science. I know exactly why I incarnated here at this time. Thanks for being such a great Source of high vibrational energy, and helping so many. I send you all my heart warmth gratitude today.
Irma Romano

Hi Markus
I have been using your detox products for some time now and I feel extraordinary. I would describe in detail the health improvements they have produced and the impact your books and videos had on my life but I would have to write at least a few pages( no atopic dermatitis, improved eye sight, no cravings, clear skin, healthy hair, weight loss, improved digestion, balanced hormones great blood test results, etc. - and this is only the physical side + emotional health, focus, meaning, love, freedom&peace). Thank you very much for everything you do, and God bless you. I LOVE you from all my heart and THANK you for the joy and freedom you bring to the world. Sending out love&peace to you and the world,
Smaranda Alecu

(WildForce Protein) Just got mine yesterday this stuff no joke powerful markus god bless you sir

Hi! I'm Mónica from Portugal! I really want to say thank you for your words in the Cure to Cancer Summit, I'm nutrition and fitness coaching and also a student of naturopathic ... and it was a blessing to listen your words! You touch my work and also my life in 60 minutes! Thank youuuuuu so much! So inspiring!
Xo Mónica Mogne

I started taking the WildForce Greens formula to get some wild food factors into my body and I could have never predicted how good the results would be! I've been going through deep detox and regeneration and my brain function is healing... Thank you markus you're one of the most inspiring people on the planet right now :) !
Anthony M

Hi Markus! I got my order today, thank you!  The protein powder tastes amazing!!!!  All I could smell was durian, yum!  I just mixed it with coconut water, AMAZING!  Yum I can't wait to put it into smoothies. All the powders you've created are incredible, I can't wait to actually start going to bed early (9:30pm) and start taking the Night Rebuild formula so I can heal properly!  I work in the food industry which means super late nights, and late night dinners (sometimes I skip eating all together) but I've also recently quit my 2nd  'real job' and am diving into my business full on, which means I can slowly start to repair all the late night damage I've done because I am free to make my own schedule!  Thanks for your support through the products you share!
Stacey Burgess

‪I've been using the WildForce Greens formula for about two weeks and it's awesome...and it didn't take very long to get to me in Canada. Thanks Marcus :)‬

Hi Markus
I met you at the living temple in Huntington Beach Ca  I have been taking your WildForce Greens and I love them  I have more energy and I am not as hungry.  I have the parasite cleanse but I haven't taken it yet  ( afraid to go all raw)   but I will   I have read your books  and heal yourself 101 is the best book I have ever read about health. Thanks So Much!!! 
Suzan Howell

Thank You Markus I biought your 3 month detox, i took it, and it changed my life:-)
Kjetill Moberg


Growing food in our garden :-)
The picture shows 15kg squash we harvested today. In total I have harvested 20 kg squash from 5 squash seeds this year in 1.25 square meter.

Wow Moosa! 5 seeds you planted grew into those monsters! Thank you for inspiring people to the miracles of nature's free food and medicine!



"Love my green formula!"

Nohemi Ramirez


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