It's spring time so all these new amazing gifts from nature are presenting themselves to us. Sure you can spend money and buy stuff at the grocery store that's been dead for weeks, or in the case of dried herbs, probably years. Go outside the door and find some of this stuff yourself ! There is nothing as healing as plants that are bursting with fresh life. One of the truly amazing miracles is Thyme. Yes the seasoning herb you can get in any store. Yes the decorative plant you can buy at any garden store. And yes that wild thyme growing in your area. It's not just beautiful, it's powerful!

If you have candida or athlete's foot, or your cat or dog has ringworm (same thing)- some thyme oil mixed with olive oil rubbed on the area will do the trick. Thyme is a strong killer of fungus, mold, yeast, viruses and bad bacteria. It's so strong, it's used to disinfect water in countries like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Italy and Greece. If you have questionable drinking water, just boil it with some thyme in it, which you can buy at any store almost anywhere in the world. Thyme is a potent antiseptic that kills microbes. This makes it great for treating diarrhea and stomach disorders, while benefitting and helping restore the GOOD bacteria in our gut. Thyme is very useful in boosting our immune system. It loves to clear infections in the digestive, respiratory and genitourinary tracts from candida, colds, coughs, cystitis, asthma, colic, spastic colon, diarrhea, UTIs, and irritable bowel syndrome.

So folks- if you have any problems with candida (and most of you do) this is nature's happy answer (other than stop eating all that bread, sugar and baked flour foods). If you have any problems with your skin, liver, gallbladder, bowels, vagina, mouth, energy levels- it's healing Thyme !

Thyme helps the entire digestive system, nervous system and restore the liver. It stimulates circulation and helps get warmth to cold body parts to do away with cold chills, low energy, mental fatigue, tension, anxiety, mood swings, depression and sleeplessness. It helps with rheumatism (stiffness and pain in joints) and clears chest infections like whooping cough, bronchitis and asthma.

It regulates the menstrual cycle, and helps remove contagious stuff from sexual organs for you guys having too much naughty fun.

It stimulates our immune system and organs while calming our nervous system and moods. Amazing Amazing Amazing. If you have a sore throat, just chew on some thyme leaves. It's even used to expel worms from the stomach and digestive system of small children.

The essential oil is super super strong- use it externally on any skin condition- cuts, rash, acne- even wrinkles ! Apply it to sore spots anywhere on the body, like arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica and gout.

You can make tea from the plant, put the fresh or dried herb directly in your food, or some powder in water or smoothie, or just eat the plant right off the bush. BE CAREFUL- if you buy and use the essential oil- it is very very powerful and concentrated. Use just one or two drops to start, mixed with some olive oil. You can even put it in a mister so you can breath it in. Put it in your bath water to feel amazing. The uses are endless.

Grow your own. Either go buy some or just find some growing wild in your area. This is just one of nature's true gifts to us. There are no such things as "weeds". Everything has a purpose. Now you know why I made the "
Free Food and Medicine" DVD set. I never cease to be amazed at what nature offers us for free. I learn more and more every day. And as I do, I'll share it with you.

Oh yes... get ready. In about 2 weeks I have something really exciting to unleash.
A new book showing you how to literally reverse the aging in your face. I am not kidding. Your life will never be the same :)



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