cars homes and businesses powered by water !  Fuel Cell technology can now run your car on nothing but water. Hydrogen power is now in style.

Cars that run on nothing but water? Is this for real ? YES! As a matter of fact, this isn't anything new.

Imagine a power source that greedy governments can't go to war over, a power source that doesn't pollute... a power source who's only exhaust is water vapor- something that feeds plants and helps make the world greener. It exists. It has for almost a century.

How does it work ?
Electricity is used to ZAP water - (a process called electrolysis) which separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is combustible. The interesting thing is that after it burns, the exhaust is - get this- WATER VAPOR ! That's right- water in, water out ! The electricity could come from batteries charged by solar panels at home like I have at
my place.

How different is the engine from normal car engines ?
Hardly no difference at all- all it requires is a different carburator and larger alternator.

Are the big car companies making any ?
Car manufacturers are developing a derivative called Fuel Cell cars. Big business is all about money. They want you to buy the hydrogen instead of it being made in your car.

Is this new technology?
No, it's been around longer than you have. A fellow named Charles H. Garrett filed a patent in 1932. He demonstrated his car in front of reporters in 1934 by filling his car with water from the lake. It started right up and he drove it around with plenty of power. What amazed everyone was the simplicity of his design. As a matter of fact, the patent, the design diagrams and explanation are now publicly available on the internet.

Why aren't they everywhere? How come I don't have one ?
Two words- oil companies. Gee, what a surprise huh ? Do you think a trillion dollar industry is going to let this happen? The car manufacturers will give you lots of reasons why this technology takes lots of research and will take many years before it's feasible. Ha! Garret was cruising around in 1934 with one. Come on.

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The water engine replaces old gasoline engine. Fuel cell technology is actually almost a century old.  Engines running on water existed already in 1934

For those who think it sounds too good to be true... or there's gotta be a catch...

Well actually this technology is what powered the Apollo spacecraft that went to the moon! This is the most reliable and simple way of producing power. If Nasa chose this with the entire future of the space program riding on it, along with human lives and the entire cold war tech status, I'd say it's a pretty good technology to bank on.

Two different ways of doing it- pros and cons
1. The first method is to have water in your fuel tank (like Garrett had) Electricity from the alternator zaps the water into hydrogen and oxygen right inside the existing engine of the car, where it then combusts and runs the car. This type runs on nothing but simple water. The down side is that the engine is just as complex as what we have today.

2. A second method (the one most car companies are toying with nowadays) is to have the hydrogen already made, and we would buy it at a gas station and fill our tanks with hydrogen. (that's how big corporations can keep the upper hand- How could they make money if all you needed was water ? ) The combustion powers a turbine which produces electricity which runs the electric motor of the car. In other words- you are driving an electric car. There actually is no engine, just a little combustion chamber and an electric motor. This is cheaper to make and has very few moving parts BUT is personally not my choice for two reasons- I don't really want to be driving around with a tank full of liquid hydrogen, and secondly- EMF read on-

The danger of electric cars
Something most people are blocking out of their minds when it comes to electric cars - big electric sources create big electric fields that mess with our bodies (EMF)- that's why people who live near power lines get brain cancer. Imagine what a powerful electric motor will do to you - inches from your body, running hours on end day after day. And no the car companies aren't doing anything to shield you from EMF- it would make the car weigh as much as a tank.

Can this power source be used for other things like homes, businesses?
Yes and it already is. The same fuel cell technology that powered the Apollo moon capsules is now powering some homes and communities in Germany, Japan and other countries. Solar panels create electricity that separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is stored in two separate tanks.

Where can I find out more about this ?
Look up the words "G. H. Garrett" , "Water Engine" or "Hydrogen Power" and you'll probably get a hundred pages of information. The favorite term most people are using nowadays is "Fuel cell" technology, or fuel cell cars or fuel cell engines, but this is usually for cars that require to be filled with expensive pre-made hydrogen, which is different than a car that has simple water in it's gas tank and makes it's own hydrogen.

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