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I felt this was important, so I hopped on a plane to Colorado, filmed it and flew back to Vegas for 2 days just so I could edit it and make the newsletter for you before I flew off to Germany early the next day. This shows what's possible when you know your plants. Share this epic video with your friends, because it makes a crucial connection between wild plants and actual food- that's right- weeds served at a restaurant. This proves once and for all that weeds and FREE plants can not only sustain you, but create amazing gourmet dishes. Watch this amazing video and be inspired!

I am literally racing around the world as fast as I can to bring you the asnwers you seek so you won't waste one more precious minute of your life. This video explains why I can't answer people who email me with health and medical questions. For commonly asked questions, I created Sometimes I'm in a different city every day. I get over 300 emails a day. Whether it be health or prosperity, If you really want answers to your problems, watch this.

I've been looking forward to making the first video above for a long time. It will make your whole body glow and your heart smile. For life-empowering and inspirational stuff like that, I don't mind hopping on a plane.

Eating wild plants is NOT "roughing it". It is not just for survivalists and pennyless hardcore nature hippies. Dandelion Pesto, Cattail bread, French onion soup, all without cooking or baking! Not only does this food taste amazing, it costs NOTHING to make and it helps heal your health problems. This is nature's gift to us. Learn what to eat in the winter. (Be sure also to watch the "
Free Living 101" DVD set which was filmed in Canada where it snows) Wild plants are everywhere and they are FREE. They are the best, healthiest food and medicine you could ever have. It's what your body is designed for. Let this be a warm up to the new 600 page edible plants book coming out in a few months, over three years in the making... one of the most extensive projects I have ever worked on. It's not just a book, it's a new way of looking at the world around you and truly appreciating what's been within your reach all your life. This is the stuff we should have been taught as children. If you want true freedom in this world, a good place to start is your food source and health care. What a feeling when you know you can go anywhere in the world and never starve- you are ALWAYS taken care of. Always. In all categories. YOU are in charge. Stop waiting for someone else to save you. Everything you need is all around you- even if you are naked and pennyless. If you don't have the Free Food and Medicine DVD set yet, get it- it's mandatory information for life. The epic book will also be out hopefully by Christmas. Here is a preview.

If you happen to be in Germany this weekend like me, I'll be speaking at the
Vegan Congress in Hamburg.

Lieber Markus, I wanted to tell you that my kidneys are doing better. My Hemoglobin is first time in normal as well. I went from stage 4 to stage 3 and the kidney transplantation preps got stopped for the moment !!!! I thank you for your help on this. One question I have.
Love Gaby

The information is for a lifetime and well worth the money. Actuallythe most affordable education in the world in my view.
William, Kenya, Africa

The"Free Food and Medicine", and "Free Living 101" dvd sets are amazing films that have helped me reduce my own cost of living and can help anyone else as well. I will say that they are well worth so much more than the price that Markus sells them at. So, if you have been curious, then you really gotta check them out. They will open up your world dramatically.
Michael Angelica

I FINALLY GET IT !!! I GET THE PROSPERITY SECRET!! Im totaly inspired. Im gonna sell / get rid of everything i own, get a passport & travel.. I realise now even people are addicted to healthy foods.. Im very much addicted to the stuff.. But also to the
SITUATION!! Like you said .. we get comfortable with less.. Thank you :-) Im gonna work on letting go..
Chris Williams

books are fantastic. So clear, so easy. All one has to do is read and follow your simple instructions. "Heal Yourself 101" and "Heal Your Face" are brilliantly easy to understand. High recommendations on my list. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Deep love and tremendous gratitude for you.
Marci Ann Fox

Read the books people, they are excellent. The answers are all in there

(The Prosperity Secret) This book is life-altering (for the good!) I highly recommend it to all my friends.
Mrs Don French

(Prosperity Secret) "This guy's literally changing my life! Thank you Markus Rothkranz!! Best book I ever read. Soo glad I got it!!"
Colleen Ford

p.s.- I'm working night & day on the edible plants field guide. What a monster. There's nothing like it in existence. This is a massive undertaking, so thank you for your patience

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