We are the unhealthiest people in the world.

The economy is on the brink of collapse.

Worries and anxiety are stressing relationships to the edge. It's all connected. And it can all be fixed.

Not by the government. Not the banks. Not your doctors.

__Yes you.

The unbalanced unhealthy state of the world is a direct reflection of the unbalanced unhealthy choices made by everyday people over the last several lifetimes. We were never told what real health is. We were never enlightened to the profound connection between all living things and that the environment and economy is just a reflection of us. This is Earth's eleventh hour and some serious changes need to be made. The World Health Project is a major step in global healing.

During hard times, what people need the most is hope. They don't want to be lectured on what they did wrong, that would just make them feel worse. People need to be inspired and they want practical advice. All living beings have within them the innate power to do great things if inspired. Our goal is to re-ignite that suppressed ember in people's souls, and not only give them hope, but also a means to radically improve their lives immediately, starting with physical, mental and spiritual health. People the world over are now proving how startlingly easy it is to stop disease, never get sick again and even get younger again. Imagine having the looks, energy, clarity and sex drive of a teenager again... and living to 150. People are doing it !!! Healing the world starts with US feeling good again.

OK... money, economy and natural resources. Did you know that changing the way you eat can not only make you disease free, but radically change the economy and even the weather ?

It's all connected. Let's take one example- beef. There are five times more cows in the United States than people! Over eighty percent of all agriculture in the the U.S. is used to grow food to feed cows, pigs and chickens. One cow eats, drinks and creates ten times more waste than a human. It takes more water to raise one cow than it does to float a battleship. The longest living people in the world eat very little meat. It has been proven that eating meat is a major cause of obesity, heart disease, cholesterol, cancer, prostate and hundreds of other problems. Over a trillion dollars is spent annually trying to treat these diseases. The fresh water supply of the United States is almost used up. It's all connected. If we all dramatically cut our meat consumption, we could save the economy trillions, and have enough land to feed everyone with much more affordable HEALTHY organic fresh food. We'll live longer, happier lives and the economy will have a chance again.

Let's take another example- oil and gas. How many trillions have been spent on military actions in oil countries so we can power our cars, ... while gasoline-free cars are now successfully driving on the roads.

These are all consumer decisions that normal people can make- improve their diet and what they drive and how they power their homes (solar, wind and water) and they dramatically improve the economy, environment, international relations and even the weather. We just don't think it's affordable or within reach of us normal people. But normal people are doing it... affordibly... proving it's not only possible- but it WORKS !!!

All it takes is education and inspiration. The answers exist, they are easy for anyone to start RIGHT NOW at home, and economic worldwide improvement can start immediately. Everyone has different reasons. Some will want to do it just to lose weight and become sexy again. Some will want to lower or totally eliminate their gas, electric and water bills. Some just want to improve their relationship and love life. Doesn't matter where you start. The result will ripple through all categories. As people improve themselves, everything changes everywhere because it's all connected. Self worth improves relationships leading to more love and romance, which leads to sexier happier people, which work better and make more conscious decisions on a consumer level. Better personal relationships ripple out to better international relationships. Healthy people make healthier decisions. It's all connected.

People want to do the right thing, they just need inspiration and easy-to-follow instructions. That's what the World Health Project is all about... showing people what they can do immediately on a personal level to dramatically improve their lives. When millions of people do this... the impact on the world will be powerful, swift and unleash a healing energy unlike anything ever experienced before on a global level.

Healing the world starts by us healing ourselves. It is the people that will rise up and make the difference, not the government, banks or doctors. Our goal and purpose is to show people how to take matters into our own hands and heal ourselves - on our own- at home, for very little cost. We will show you how.

Let the healing begin.

The World Health Project is gearing up to...

1- giving people a life-changing show they will never forget (movie and live concert)
2- give them easy to understand instructions how to change their lives immediately
3- have books, movies and products available so they can start right away
4-cross promote and develop our own alternative energy and natural health companies

You can start immediately with these two super affordable instruction manuals- one on
how to heal any health condition at home for almost nothing- and a DVD on making your home super energy efficient and getting free energy from the sun.

Start your new life RIGHT NOW !!!


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