It's amazing to think how many trillions of dollars have been spent, how many wars have been fought, how many people have died in the last 100 years... all for oil... a toxic fuel that kills whatever it touches. It's hydrocarbon footprint is now in everything we breathe, drink, touch, eat and absorb. It's toxic to extract, toxic to store and toxic when it burns.

What's even more amazing is the world has been rich with abundant clean energy since the beginning of time. All we had to do was step outside. The wind, the sun, the water, the heat from the ground, the waves from the ocean, gravity... even muscle power. It's what kept people healthy, sailed ships across the ocean to discover new worlds, powered windmills and ran water turbines. Technology has advanced so much that now vehicles can drive, fly and swim with it. It is the abundant natural energy of the sun. Energy that will never run out. No exhaust gasses. No noise. No poisons slowly killing life on the planet.

There are even water powered cars on the road right now !

We are at a major crossroads. The planet cannot sustain life for another generation unless dramatic changes are made in the way we live. We can no longer simply take from the planet, leaving dead toxic waste in return. We need to co-exist with our host.

The most important thing we need to understand is the planet is a living entity which allowed us a symbiotic relationship with it in order to coexist in peace.

Our goal is to educate the masses how simple it really is to be self-sufficient. Imagine a country that needed almost no oil or gas because everyone was making their power from sun, wind and water ?

Markus Rothkranz (chairman of the World Health Project) is a living example to people everywhere how simple it is to hook up some solar panels on the roof and start creating free power within hours. His water heater holds no water. His house is super insulated. A home video DVD is available to demonstrate how anyone can do it. This is just the start.

We are currently developing new energy technologies with with major cutting edge firms and will be making it available to people all over the world. Normal people. Made for people with not a lot of money. It starts with us.