The revolution has begun. Reclaiming our true selves. Living in bodies impermeable to illness and disease.
This is how we were designed... to be fully alive and vibrant until the day we transcend. To be able to see, hear, smell, touch, feel, think, remember, react and feel more apiritually alive than when we were children. Every hormone is a tidal wave. Every thought is transcendant.To be in a rapturous blissful state beyond what any drug is capable of. This is how we were designed, and unfortunately most people have no idea what that state of being feels like. Most of us came into this world from inside a mother who was eating processed, cooked, dead food, taking medication and ingesting chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, caffeine, sugar, contaminated dead poisonous water and air. This is what we were made of and it probably just went downhill from there. Having a "cold" or flu is NOT normal.
A true clean properly functioning body only fed raw natural food straight from nature cannot get sick. We actually start getting younger ! Vison, hearing, memory, energy and libido starts getting stronger and better every day. Even our minds, mood and value system starts to change ! We become instilled with a healthy calmness, patience and good mood that transcends most fears and limiting thought patterns. Relationships improve because WE improve. We actually start to see things a whole different way... we look around and finally see everything connected- the animals, plants, the wind, water, air and God.

Cleaning our body truly does clean our soul and thoughts. We beging to deeply understand life and appreciate all that it has to offer. By not
fearing death anymore, we live longer.

This is a lifestyle change. It works. People all over the world are starting to do it, and it is literally sweeping the Earth. Not only do people lose weight and find an amazing sculpted body underneath, but they also lose all their illnesses ! Cancer, leukemia, Aids, polio, tumors,
multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cholesterol, liver disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, prostate,... you name it- GONE !

It starts with not doing anymore what caused all the illness in the first place... then thoroughly and completely cleaning out every cell in the body, mind and spirit... and then only putting back in what nature designed... namely living, raw, vegan food. No cooking, boiling, baking or processing of any kind. This is one of the biggest thrusts of the World Health Project- to re-educate mankind to live like it was designed. A
motion picture, book and world tour are now in the works.

Download the book here- check out the lifestyle here