Everything starts with you and your relationship with yourself.

This affects our
business, health, money, family, life goals and the ability to be complete and fulfilled in our place in the universe. Our friends and especially our romantic partner are placed in our lives to act as mirrors so we can see aspects of ourself that need working on. Without these suggested improvements, it's very difficult to be successful and happy.

It's very hard to have a good relationship with anyone or anything if you can't respect yourself first. This is the foundation for our ultimate success in life. You may think you are good to yourself- but are you really? Your body, mind and emotions are the accumulated results of years and years of what you have been told since you were a child... how people made you feel, your parent's habits, what kind of role models you had, what the media told you, what you ate and drank since you were conceived. This results in an unhealthy body and a distorted mental and emotional perception of reality, fueled by ancient belief systems, superstitions, painful memories, fears, insecurities and doubts. This is what makes us say the things we say, and react the way we do to everything in life. This is what makes us do the things we do. The world around us is the result of this. It is this distorted programming inside us that makes us do things we later regret. It wears us down, ruins relationships, poisons minds, kills the environment, and makes countries go to war. It is the paranoid faulty programming in our worried little minds that makes it hard to love someone, ourselves, and ultimately the planet.

This needs to change. We need to erase the archaic hard drive in our mind's computer and start over with a clean new operating system based on truth, love and understanding. There are only two things in the universe- LOVE and FEAR. One empowers and one destroys. Life can only exist when there is a balance and right now this world is terribly imbalanced and most decisions are made from a place of fear. We need to find peace again. And it isn't out there. It's inside us, and we need to find it again. Find peace within yourself and you will become a catalyst for the whole world to change. It starts with you. That beautiful partner of yours is your mirror. What do you see? Stop arguing and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.

The heart controls the mind, and the mind creates our reality. One of the goals of the World Health Project is to inspire people the world over to heal the very life within themselves... and in doing so, our differences will melt away and the real healing will finally begin. Some very powerful new healing techniques have been developed over the last few years that can really help free people from their inner demons. There is nothing but Love. That's all we really want. We are all the same.

Take a chance and surrender to Love.

The world will change. I promise you.