"I can not tell you how shocked I was!!! Markus Rothkranz was correct... we ALL got 'em!!!!!! I was in denial for years and thought it's every one else but me! I've done lots and lots of colonics each year and fasts and detox's.... My key was a LONG fast.... longer than 46 days... and lots of pineapple juice, garlic juice and ginger... I passed a 12" round worm and 2 more 5" and 6" round worms... one that was still fully intact and coiled up like a spring on a shock absorber because they live that way in the colon tubing.... WoW dude.... I will never be the same..... I could NOT believe it!!!!! Me??????? OMG!!!! I was in shock when it happened....grabbed my iPhone to take the photos just so I would not later think it was just something else I was imagining!!!! Un - frickin believable!!!!!! I purchased Markus's 3 Month Parasite cleanse kit and his Charconite and liver cleanse kit...about $200 worth of stuff after seeing a video of another very healthly guy who did a parasite cleanse and he boldly talked about all that came out of him.... I IMMEDIATELY ordered the kit!!!!....but as we all know...

... I later just sat it on the table and it has been there for 3 months...sitting there... Well NoW you better believe I'm gonna use it!!!! I will never be the same after what I saw this morning come out of me .... and I am a very clean guy and my colonic's place told me I was the cleanest individual they had ever seen.... I was going 3 times a week last year when I did another 46 day fast. Now I KNOW WHY. Day 46 was my breaking point twice in 2 years while fasting...got to that very place AGAIN...Day-46 was Sunday May 16th for me... and it was a tough day...emotions hitting me in waves... but I held on and the next two days passed 1 parasite and this AM passed 2 parasites...12" and another That ABSOLUTELY FREAKED ME OUT... it was something I will spare you from describing... I got my MOTIVATION NOW!!!!!! I may go to day-100 after seeing that!!!!!! (lol).. I refrained from posting this on my wall because most will not understand it and yet everyone has them!!!!!! 1 billion people!!!! Google it.... I did. Very very common. SO I made a ton of fresh pineapple juice... just had some.... and Peppermint tea...with ginger.... and Garlic, ginger, carrot juice... and will take the herbs and parasite cleanse. After seeing this and reading up about it and getting myself out of embarrassment and denial... I wanna tell the world... But some folk just can not handle the truth....thats why I LOVE Raw Food Peeps!!!!!! Keep up the great work you guys rock!!!!

Markus I could tell you so much.... I could write a book of all the changes going on.... but seeing those roundworms blew me away - i thought I was clean and NOT me...maybe others but not me. Done fasts before, and colonics...those things are stubborn!!!! I guess the pineapple juice and ginger and herbal teas caused them to release.... Wow!!!!! You Rock...I tell everyone about you and your books! I'd type more but in a rush and just wanted to send a fast email. I am waiting to see what comes out tomorrow!!! Unbelieveable!!!! BTW I have ALL your books and ALL almost ALL your products!!

I passed another 12" roundworm last night. I have PHOTOS of ALL!!!! I love ALL your products. You alone have helped launch me towards better health because of your boldness about fasting, enemas and parasite cleansing. A lot of others just touch on it if anything. I do a self enema EVERY day sometime morning and night and I do 5 or 6 or more during each session until I am clean like your cd and books say. I can not believe the AMOUNT of stuff coming out everyday and I'm not even eating anything!!!!! Everyone who sees me now comments I look really good, better than even the photos can show. Sunday will be Day-50 and I am going strong. No stopping me!! Seeing parasites come out of ME has caused me to research n learn about them otherwise I would have never done so. Learning about them gave me a wealth of info which you also teach in your books.

Day-46 and 47 of my Juice fast I started dumping parasites while doing my morning enemas and I have been vegan and done many fasts and NEVER seen parasites before but I've never gone this long on a Juice fast either and I'm not cheating any!

I admit I was skirmish about enemas when I first thought of giving myself one.... Now I LOVE them and look forward to doing them. I feel cleaner and get to see all the junk leave my body!! Then I saw those parasites. Real worms, one was curly and looked so real and alive. I was so shocked I never got a photo of that one which was the one TO SEE!!!!!! Since the research and overcoming denial as a raw foodie for 8 years. I now have become diligent about cleaning them out and documenting them. When I show reluctant friends n family the photos of these 5" and. 12" parasites the look on their faces was like mine. Total shock! They know I'm a health nut. No alcohol, no meat, no dairy, no cheese, no junk, no sodas or tea, .... Then I tell them... You've got 'em too!!! We all do!!! You got indoor pets, eat sushi, love sugar, junk food and fried foods and are over weight.... Their in you and alive!!! They can not believe it. The run or walk off in denial.

What's to note is that the longer I fast, the deeper I fast, the more the emotional waves... But I've learned as soon as I pass these parasites,,, the emotions cease for awhile. If I have another emotional wave... Next morning I pass more parasites.... And we know why. They are dying and speaking to those receptors in our cells as u mention in your books and cd. YOU WERE SO RIGHT Markus!!!!! Everything u talk about no matter how small the detail.... It carry's so much knowledge and understanding if folks just DO It and apply the knowledge they too will see!!!! Your details on how u give yourself the enemas was invaluable for a guy like me who was skirmish about them but I did them AND wow!!!! I can NOT image ANY person into true health NOT doing enemas!!!!! I could never dump all that stuff out thru my sweat glands while doing a juice fast w little to no bowel movements. More.....

I no longer care what people think about me due to their lack of knowledge about the topic! I am responsible for MY own health. Not theirs. I was merely motivated 10 years ago by arthritis. Now I will never be the same because of the knowledge I have gained and APPLIED!!! ...and I'm still going and learning. The best testimony is YOURSELF!!!! People SEE me know and want to know what I'm doing. I came to the conclusion to stop trying to change others and only change myself!!! Now bro' if I could find me a beautiful raw food lady who would join me in my journey!!!! I would love to become a team with a healthy partner and both of us BE the example to the world!My health story is in a book at www.livingfoodcures.com"


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