The lead character in this film is a scout pilot for the "E-Craft". His job is to fly ahead, scanning the ground with high tech equipment looking for resources to "exploit" (like oil, gas, metals etc) Having seen animals only in his dreams, he enters a strange new world when shot down by rebel outsiders - most of which are ex-city dwellers who have chosen to leave materialistic luxury to defend the last rainforest with their lives. Everything changes for him and ultimately he becomes the key hope for victory against the monstrous planetsucker he once flew missions for.

the hero is a scout pilot that flies recon missions for the planetsucker to scour the planet for resources to harvest.

All images and concept ©1993 Markus Rothkranz. Screenplay ©1993 by Rothkranz, Wyman and Burke. Additional story help by Kikuo Kawasaki
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