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Markus Rothkranz : Artist

They say Markus could paint before he could walk. His paintings became so photorealistic, people thought they were photographs (this is 1980, long before computers). While teaching night classes at art school, fellow instructors constantly asked him about his techniques, making him realize the true talent he had. Seeing an opportunity to bring beauty into the world, Markus quit his job and blazed his own course. Within a few years, Markus' paintings were sold in the biggest art galleries in the world. (A private collector from NASA bought ten of them!)

Stepping into the world of Markus Rothkranz's paintings is an escape into a magical reality of fantasy landscapes, animals, and beautiful nudes with an innocent sensuality. The images look 3D, with colors so vibrant you want to jump right into them. Markus' paintings showcase worlds with no pollution, stress, or judgement. They're reflective escapes from the the modern world. A coffee table collectors book of Markus Rothkranz's paintings is now available for purchase.

Ironically, Markus never liked painting. It bored him. He wanted his images to move, to speak, to have music and sound effects, so he went into the motion picture world, where he could finally make his images come to life with motion and sound.

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