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The Courage to Change

True health does not come from, “What do I take?” It comes when you stop doing what caused the problem(s) in the first place. This means not just learning to eat the way nature intended, but also having the courage to say goodbye to all the negative things in our life and follow the path we are destined for. We must have the courage to lose the negative people, relationships and jobs that drain our energy. I know it's scary. You may think you'll lose everything and have to start over. I assure you, what's waiting for you is much better than where you are now. You just need to have the courage to step outside your comfort zone in order to see what real living is like. I know. I was there. I was so sick I almost died three times. I was so broke, I lost everything multiple times. I had to go through all that to know what its like. You can heal just about anything if you have the courage to change. Let me help you.

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