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Success in the Modern World

Success is not money. It's the freedom to do anything you want, anywhere, anytime. Money is just a side effect that comes when you have the courage to do what you are here to do. You may not know what it is. You don't have to. All you have to do is know what isn't working and go the other way… the way that is calling you. Everyone has this voice, and the direction is different for each individual. I call this voice the “Cosmic GPS”. You don't need to see the destination, just trust the voice and do what it takes to get on that road, no matter how rocky or bumpy it may be. I lost everything many times over until I figured it out. The amazing thing is it's not that difficult. I always thought it had to be complicated or difficult. In fact, the opposite. Your duty is to be successful, because otherwise you are a drain on society and those around you. Let me help you become successful so you can help others also.

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