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What is Atomic City?

ATOMIC CITY is a fun high concept family entertainment science fiction television show (and possible movie) set in what we thought the future was going to be like in the fifties and sixties (60s, 60's, 1950's, 1960's), kind of like a live action Jetsons but with a more silly twist like Austin Powers and the Simpsons. For everyone who grew up with shows like Gilligans Island, Get Smart, Bewitched and James Bond, this has that magic innocent charm that shows from the sixties had. Fasten your jetomatic spacebelts baby, because this is designed to be the HOTTEST SHOW UNDER THE SUN! A campy, kitschy show for all ages, this is a worldwide pop culture phenomenon waiting to happen. Tune in your coolarama tv space remote, sit back with a martini and laugh your butt off!

Remember the space race? Remember futurama, Werner von Braun (not von Brown) and nuclear power and space ships and cosmic hover craft andmagic jet packs? This show has all that. Do you like bikinis, hot pants, gogo (go go) boots and tiny tight mini skirts? This show has that too. Do you like Tom Jones, Elvis and Englebert Humperdink? Yup. We got it. How about secret government facilities, Area 51 and underground tunnels leading from Las Vegas casinos to secret underground testing facilities deep in the mohave desert? Yesiree Bob- it's all here. Alien (campy silly) spacecraft, atomic powered everything, flying cars, robots, robotic drink dispensers,and any science fiction gadget you can imagine is stuffed into each half hour episode. In the sixties, we thought all this was possible, because the space age was new and atomic power held endless possibilities.

A feel-good, fun television show for people of all ages, all over the world.

In the style of: Incredibles (live action), Men in Black, Austin Powers, James Bond, Ghostbusters, Splash, Mars Attacks, Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Bewitched, 60’s Italian spy movies. Although the show is sexy, it has an innocent charm

With the humor style of: Ace Ventura, Undercover Brother, Dr. Strangelove, Pink Panther, Vacation, Blues Brothers, The Simpsons, Weekend at Bernie’s

THE SETTING: If you loved “Incredibles”, you’ll love this show! Welcome to mythical LOST VEGAS. The future we dreamed of in the 60's is now a reality, complete with flying cars and Jetsons architecture. Las Vegas has truly become the city of dreams. Some of the settings are almost Love Boat-esque, like super-luxury liners that fly through the air with stewardesses in mini skirts, deluxe posh monorails with swank lounges, floating restaurants, flying diners etc. Secret bases. Underground test sites. Convertible jet cars. Bikinis, Martinis and UFOs- this is Atomic City. It’s the party town of the cosmos baby! This is where the men in black come to play and James Bond vacations. This is the imaginary playground we wish we could live in. Every character in the show drives a cool fantasy vehicle of some kind, lives in a funky way cool home of some kind (Uncle Mel lives inside a 40 ft giant mouse), and hang around with people WE wish we could hang around with

Character stories- like“Honeymoon in Vegas”, Adventure, fun and magicEverything you grew up loving- James Bond, Jetsons, Get Smart, Thunderbirds- that 60’s futurism magic- Retro Future Instomagic !

WRITING STYLE / FEEL OF SHOW: Four words- FUN FUN FUN FUN !!! Atomic City is one big party in Tomorrowland! Unlike everything else on TV nowadays- this should be the ultimate FEEL GOOD show. The viewer needs to have fun like they are stepping into a huge party. Music will be a big part of this sight and sound extravaganza.This show is a technicolor comic book…. a celebration of life, energy, sunlight, tanned bodies, feel-good music and adventure around every corner. The people are either ultra sexy or pure cartoonish. In Atomic City, tiny hot pants and go-go boots are just everyday wear. Evil villains mingle with corrupt government scientists. Who will keep Vegas (and ultimately the fate of the free world) safe around here? Stan Velvet- private eye (think Ace Ventura/Austin Powers)...a goofball bachelor playboy who lives inside an old casino sign and drives a jet car.

Technology- Markus Rothkranz, the creator of Atomic City is a visual effects expert. With a lifetime of experience as a matte painter, miniature model builder and all around visual effects background, his designs for this show are of course very heavily based on computer digital effects technology. Lots of mattes, comps, virtual sets, cg and cgi 3d shots. It doesn't matter if it's done with Maya, 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Carrara etc, because it's the artist not the software that makes stuff look cool. Imagination is the prime necessity for a show like this. Everything is digital nowadays anyway, so HD (hi def) is becoming a normal standard or filmmaking in both television and movies or films. It doesn't matter if it's 24p or 30i, as long as the subject matter is interesting and well executed. So forget the technology all you geeks and nerds- just sit back with your Space Commander TV remote and enjoy the show!


This is international science fiction family entertainment comdey at it's best.


Enter Atomic City!


Atomic City robot base

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