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Welcome to Atomic City! After you see these clips, go back to the main site and see more fun!  Retro wow!viewmatic, the atomic view machinesexy space stewardess cocktail drinks fantasy club
viewmatic left sideviewmatic right side
gerbils and hampsters in Atomic City
viewmatic- push this button to activate the viewmatic deluxe atomic videorama experience
space fantasy art retro futurism
futuristic retro flying craft hover plane


Music by Jeff Victor

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Finally! Some video clips. People from all over the world have been asking about this show. These are not actual shots from the show because- well- the show hasn't been made yet! Everything you see has been funded by Markus's credit cards. These are just temporary shots to help sell the idea. The music is also temporary. Let us know what you think...if you like what you hear or see, maybe we'll use it, if the dang thing ever gets off the ground!


NOTE: these are temporary clips to help sell the show- nothing is final.
Thank you to everyone who helped make these !

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