ATOMIC CITY- The HOTTEST SHOW UNDER THE SUN !!! Space age architrecture, mind control beams, UFOs and Jet cars

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ATOMIC CITY is a comedy adventure about private eye Stan Velvet uncovering secrets in a futuristic Vegas.
Escape into a comic book reality for people of all ages who grew up with
Get Smart, Gilligans Island, James Bond and the Jestons. Welcome to the Future!

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Atomic City music by jeff victor


Atomic City is a feel-good, fun television show for people of all ages, all over the world. In the style of: Incredibles (live action), Men in Black, Austin Powers, James Bond, Ghostbusters, Splash, Mars Attacks, Gilligan’s Island, Get Smart, Bewitched, 60’s Italian spy movies. Although the show is sexy, it has an innocent charm With the humor style of: Ace Ventura, Undercover Brother, Dr. Strangelove, Pink Panther, Vacation, Blues Brothers, The Simpsons, Weekend at Bernie’s

If you loved “Incredibles”, you’ll love this show! Welcome to mythical LOST VEGAS. The future we dreamed of in the 60's is now a reality, complete with flying cars and Jetsons architecture. Las Vegas has truly become the city of dreams. Some of the settings are almost Love Boat-esque, like super-luxury liners that fly through the air with stewardesses in mini skirts, deluxe posh monorails with swank lounges, floating restaurants, flying diners etc. Secret bases. Underground test sites. Convertible jet cars. Bikinis, Martinis and UFOs- this is Atomic City. It’s the party town of the cosmos baby! This is where the men in black come to play and James Bond vacations. This is the imaginary playground we wish we could live in. Every character in the show drives a cool fantasy vehicle of some kind, lives in a funky way cool home of some kind (Uncle Mel lives inside a 40 ft giant mouse), and hang around with people WE wish we could hang around with.
This is Atomic City- the playground of the future- the future we were promised in the sixties- it's time we finally lived it !
Atomic City- Live the Dream !

Cherry Capri,Cheri Capri,Mary,Margret,Margaret,Stratton,Stratten,fun character in Atomic CityThe King online,Matt Lewis, Legends in Concert,Las Vegas,Branson,Missouri,star of Atomic Cityharmick,Harmick,Harmic,Tom Jones, plays Stans dad in Atomic CityJohn Allen Sean Connery007,plays Dr. Cosmo in Atomic City

We are testing some of the music. If others love it as much as we do, we will use it in the show and make the composers very happy.

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