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Atomic City video credits, not crudites

Written and Directed by Markus Rothkranz

Editor Markus Rothkranz

Cameraman Markus Rothkranz

Set builder Markus Rothkranz

in need of serious vacation time Markus Rothkranz


Original Music by Jeff Victor

Co Producer Debbie Burkhardt

Original Music by Jeff Victor

Assistant Director Jack L. Stricklin III

Always on the cell phone- Larry Rosales

Camera Assistants Zack Fahalheimer Matt Zolynsky

Stan Velvet Matt Lewis

Rusty Katie Putnam

Uncle Mel Jeff MacKay

Dr. Cosmo John Allen

Police Chief Joe Manuella

Stan Velvets Dad and Mayor Harmik Kazanchian

Stan Velvet's Mom Sherie Rae Parker

Cheri Capri -Mary Margret Stratton

General Robert Chauncey

Master Sargeant Bill Conklin

Government computer operator Chris Sassone

Robin Leach- himself

Hale Benton - twinkie guard

Andy Thogersen - gas station

Secret Service 1 P.J. O'Connor

Secret Service 2 Cary Kealoha

TV Guy Marcel Forestieri

Telephone Operator Nadia Dina

Shorty Nick D'Eggidio

Flamboyant Rollerblader Daryl Wagner

TV glam announcer Frank Marino

Entertainer in crowd Tom Sadge

Hippie Interview Guy Stewart Brodian

Messy haired tourist Steve Ostrow

President Brent Mendenhall

Mrs. President Louise Gallagher

Queen Judith Gindy

Valet Tara McKee

Man with Hat Dr. John Warman

Rocker dude Don Rugg

Flamboyant guy with Tiger Anthony Rais

Bug eyed guy in crowd Bill Peterson

Hollywood Producer Marty Kinrose

Alien- himself

Celebrity with sunglasses Jack English

Muscle Guy Lyndale Grant

Celebrity woman Diana Paige

Hairy creature- himself

Celebrity with skin problem Devra Gregory

Police Investigator Zander Schaus

Dry Cleaner Virgilio Francisco

Abused guard Igor Jijikine

Voluptuous Celebrity Jeanine Gearity

Police Investigator 1- Chris Sassone

Police investigator 2- Zander Schaus

Showgirl 1 Debbie Burkhardt
Showgirl 2 Vanessa Dennison

Men in Black Goons-
Nick Blomgren
Brian Sims

Scientist Babes
Marlo Bodnar
Lizarelis Rivera
Vivian Varela
Tre' Baillie
Amber Nichole
Ria something


Ken and Erika Miller
Jeff Macrum
Laura Tarbet
Matt Hollars
Dannae Youngard
Nicole Chittenden
Michael Legault
Justin Blackard
Natasha Jijikine
Lori Sisilak
Zach Fahalheimer

Ben Pluenneke - PA

Olwen Zarlengo
Artis Williams

Custom turbine Jet car built by
Joe Miller and Emilio Anzalone Steering Columns Plus
admisitrative assistant Peggy Morris
Tom Savage and crew at YESCO- Young Electric Sign Company
Uptown Upholstery

White Tiger- Charlie Sammut, Wild Things

Animation snips in credits-Renegade Animation Ashley Postlewaite

Cartoon map and caricatures- Ernie Keene

VISUAL EFFECTSCar chase sequence- Area 51
Glen Campbell
Don McCoy

Austin Unit
mayors helicopter -John Sommer
Government cave computers-Michael Morlan

Black car, record player-
Bart Anderson

Orb model- Scott Wheeler

Everything else-Markus Rothkranz

Carrara 3D software courtesy Eovia Corporation

Stage facility- The Piazza
Lieutenant Governor Lorraine Hunt
Ron Mancuso
Dana Strum

Celebrity impersonators courtesy of
Bea Fogelman

Additional castingDonna Wahoub Agency
Will Rathner

Sundance Helicopters
Tom Schaus

Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Valley of Fire State Park

Digital Projector- Encore

Nevada Film Office, Jean Corcoran

printing- Cory Newberry- Ad images

Retro furnishings- The Benham Family

Theater for Premiere Brenden theaters, the Palms Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada

Public Relations- Preferred Public Relations

Atomic City ©1996,1999,2002,2006

financing- VISA




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NOTE: these are temporary clips to help sell the show- nothing is final.
Thank you to everyone who helped make these !

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