Carrara 3d animation
Carrara 3D animations and gallery images of rendering samples by Marcus Rothkrantz. Experiments made with Carrara and Carrara Pro, also Carrara Studio.
Whether shooting movies on HD or with 35mm film, they all have to go through post fx and Carrara  is a wonderful cg tool for creating virtual environments with comping tools like Adobe After Effects and editing with Avid or Final Cut Pro.
3d models and animations made with Carrara by Markus RothkranzCinema visual effects and matte painting artists rely more and more on 3d cgi vfx nowadays, and artist Markus Rothkranz is no different.Carrara 3D is Marcus's favorite 3D app for rendering film vfx
Carrara 3d home-start here for a tour of a great new fun and easy to use 3d digital computer rendering app.see how shots are created behind the scenes with Carrara Studio ProCarrara Pro and Carrara Studio film  and movie projectsCarrara Pro and Carrara Studio experiments  tests imagesCarrara studio about Markus and MarcusCarrara related links to Eovia and other Carrara sites
Magic begins in the heart_Markus Rothkranz is a painter artist and film director who has done lots of design and visual effects work on many major blockbuster motion pictures with lots of special effects
images of Markus Rothkranz at work on miniature models, painting, shooting movies and doing artwork for commercial licensing and merchandising of motion picture and television products like this Baywatch pinball game featuring Pam Anderson

I was an artist in the film business doing everything from visual effects and design on blockbusters like Total Recall, Die Hard, Red Planet etc, to also doing the movie posters and merchandising (I did the artwork for pinball games like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon, Baywatch etc.) Then I started making my own movies. In 1994 I made my first 2 million dollar film called "To the Ends of Time". It had 300 FX shots but none of them were digital. Man if I only had Carrara back then!

Although my paintings and artwork have sold the world over, since I went digital, I haven't touched an actual paintbrush in about 8 years. I don't miss it one bit.

You can see more of my artwork on my home site


No portion os this website may be reproduced without express permission of Markus Rothkranz. Carrara, and Carrara Pro is a 3D cgi animation product of Eovia corp.