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Carrara 3D animations and gallery images of rendering samples by Markus Rothkranz. Experiments made with Carrara and Carrara Pro, also Carrara Studio.
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carrara 3d girl w guns poser import irina blackhearted daz cloth particles animation. This girl was animated with BVH mocap for realistic motion.Eovia Carrara cute robot animation with sky dome and IK links with hard shadows and fast render times. Reflection and transparency render fast and global illumination is now just as intuitive.Carrara Pro was used to make this helicopter crash in the Iceberg promo. Camera shake and jitter was added in post. HDRI lighting is very realistic.
Eovia Carrara 3D pro modelled and rendered this missile. Particles were made with Particle Illusion in the Iceberg trailer videoCarrara 3d pirate ship was rendered in Carrara Pro with ray traced soft shadows and animated displacement mapping created with Psunami and Anything Grooves by Digital Carvers Guild.Carrara 3D Pro was used to model, texture and animate these bullets for a professional illustration job
Carrara Pro was used to create a digital comp background of this blue screen shot. This also works with green screen etc.Most fx shots in Atomic City were done with Carrara pro which features fast render times, easy modelling and textruring in the texture room. The vertex modeller has been improved and the sequencer timeline makes animation keyframing very easy.Atomic City promo shots were done primarily with Carrara Pro to create the virtual digital worlds for the blue screen actors. Workflow was very fast ans render times were very quick.

Welcome everyone!
As an artist/filmmaker, this wonderful 3D program allows me to easily create amazing things FAST that would have otherwise been difficult. I create quick demos to help sell my Hollywood movie concepts and with Carrara I can whip up two CG shots a day. I don't have a lot of time and the temp demos don't have to be super real, but if I took more time, Carrara could easily do that. Most 3D apps do the same nowadays- it's just a matter of which interface you like the best- and this one is my favorite. It has such a FUN interface it makes work feel more like play. This website shows some of what this wonderful program can create
in just a matter of hours. This 3D program is FUN and costs a lot less.

Enjoy !
Markus Rothkranz
Carrara user


No portion os this website may be reproduced without express permission of Markus Rothkranz.
Carrara, and Carrara Pro is a product of DAZ (formerly Eovia corp)., but this website is not affiliated in any way with Carrara, DAZ or Eovia.

What is Carrara ? Carrara is a full featured 3D computer application for creating digital animations, images, illustrations,architectural renderings, medical diagrams, forenzic recreations, technical diagrams, cross sections,cutaways and even film, video and motion picture effects. Other examples of 3D apps are Cinema 4D, Maya, Lightwave, 3DS Max, Vue and Z Brush. Carrara 3D is a full modelling, texturing, animating and rendering program with global illumination, caustics, physics, realistic animated sky creation, toon look, sequenced frames, alpha channel,particle emitter, fire,clouds,fog,surface replicator, and motion paths. Carrara's full IK system has easy bones setup. It has complex keyframable deformers and keyframe spline adjustments. Carrara Sky and environments can be used as light sources with HDRI GI illumination that includes full indirect light or also ambient occlusion with the ability to save the irradiance map to speed up rendering.Carrara rendering also includes motion blur, vector blur and G-buffers.
No portion os this website may be reproduced without express permission of Markus Rothkranz.
Carrara, and Carrara Pro is a product of
DAZ (formerly Eovia corp), but this website is not affiliated in any way with Carrara, DAZ or Eovia.

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