Carrara 3d animation
Carrara 3D animations and gallery images of rendering samples by Markus Rothkranz. Experiments made with Carrara and Carrara Pro, also Carrara Studio. This is the links page
Carrara 3d demo gallery inside- over 200 pages of images and video clips, demos and tutorials
3d models and animations made with Carrara by Markus RothkranzCarrara is a 3D program like Maya, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max and Lightwave. It's very easy to use and quick to learn, and costs much less than those others.
Carrara 3d homeCarrara Pro and Carrara Studio film  and movie projectsCarrara Pro and Carrara Studio experiments  tests imagesCarrara studio about Markus and MarcusCarrara related links to Eovia and other Carrara sites
cute robotThe official website link to Eovia, makers of Carrara Studio pro, the 3D modelling and rendering app for both beginners and pros like Markus RothkranzWireframe of the Earth created digitally by Carrara.
Gateway to Atomic City website- the show with lots of FX done with Carrara and comped with Adobe After Effects
Carrara link to Iceberg website, another Markus high concept movie idea for the big screen with lots of special effects and environmental awareness themes
Carrara link to Area 51 visual effects- guys who like to use LightwaveCarrara link to HWD3Dcom, a visual effects digital cg company specializing in work with 3DS Maxpower your computers with solar power!  Free energy from the sunIf you're an animator you probably eat junk food and get sick a lot- click hereCarrara link to the best 3DcomMarkusWorld- where Markus Rothkranz creates his magicCarrara link to Astro Films, the film company of Markus Rothkranz and many visual effects made with CarraraCarrara link to Pirettes website, a visual effects extravaganza with lots of cg virtual worlds, digital effects and live action comping of blue screen and green screen actorslink to get Quicktime- the movie viewer for your computer which is made by Apple computer but will also play on PCs and Windows based Linux computers, desktops and laptopsa fun movie spoiler site that gives away the endings to movies- hilarious- he dies at the endcreative cow magazine- creative communities of the world for anyone interested in editing, computer digital effects, audio design, filmmaking, video work, and tips from users of apps like Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Combustion, Maya, 3DS Max, Final Cut Pro and of course Carrara by Eovia.


No portion os this website may be reproduced without express permission of Markus Rothkranz. Carrara, and Carrara Pro is a 3D cgi animation product of Eovia corp.